phat strength

We believe that building a firm foundation in health should begin with strength training. Our strength training sessions have specifically been designed to challenge your body to create a stronger, leaner and healthier you. These 45-minute sessions utilise a variety of equipment such as olympic barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, ropes, medicine balls, sleds and much more. We’ve basically taken the gym to Bondi beach!

phat conditioning

Strength and conditioning go together like peanut butter and jelly! That’s why we love to compliment our strength sessions with focused, high-intensity conditioning sessions. These 45-minute sessions vary between hill, soft sand or flat running with other modalities like boxing or high-intensity resistance circuits. We promise you one thing, you’ll surely be challenged with something new at each session. All done in a stunning environment!

phat yoga

What we’ve found is that there’s one thing missing from many fitness programs, yoga. Sure, it’s great to get strong, lean and fit through strength and conditioning training, however this generally comes at a cost being a loss of mobility and suppleness. Our 45-minute yoga sessions are designed to restore and replenish your muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons to help reduce the chance of injuries and overtraining.

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